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My build of my home made 
Power coating Convection Oven under 600$ ca.
And sorry for my poor english..


How you can build an efficient power coating Oven ?

First i got an older home oven (at less whit the oven working), cost me 50$ca.

Contacted a guys that do sheet metal, then asked what i want, 23" x 23" x 5f  closet whit a double wall / door & insulated, look like a Frigidaire ;) Fully insulated, door installed, the sheet metal box have cost a 480$ca.

Removing the 2 elements from the old home Oven, the control button that control the oven as well the temperature sensor et fuse box, make sure when removing any connection to write where they go whit a sticker you stick on the wires.

I got an older fan running on 200v at an electricity shop near me, buy a joint to make the shaft longer, around 5" to be able to put the motor of the fan completly out of the oven.. Whit a fan installed its now a convection Oven !

Remount all these on the sheet metal insulated box, make some support whit home hardware stuff. You can build quickly a nice oven for your power coating whitout too mutch cost..

I have not more details since i have not planned a reviews on this , but if you have questions dont hesitate..  

Click on the pictures at right to see it bigger..




Some pictures, click on it to see it bigger...

The whole oven

Top connection done quickly but working fine :)

Inside the fan that do a Convection Oven Type and some support

This is the Home oven control including a light

I have connected the two element togeter, the oven heat very quicly in less than 2 to 5 min.

Connection view, the power cord are not used, connected direcly to the box, but can be used, its a home oven power cord..

This is an older fan i got for free, just added a lengh add on to the shaft to bring the motor out of the oven, the shaft are around 5"

Rear , side view

Fuse view, From the Home oven

Element from the old oven

Heat, temp sensor sealed whit Automotive silicone

The fan

Some support in, i will add more..

A view of the door

I have cut this part to make two support for a steel bar, can be found any good hardware store

My power coating shooting place 


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